Primary Science Teacher
Ms. Jermihov
Ms. Jermihov, Primary Science Teacher

My name is Christina (Chris) Jermihov and this is my 10th year as a teacher at Lucy Laney!

For most of my career at Lucy Laney I have been a science specialist for grades Hi5-5th grade.  Last year I enjoyed being the 5th grade science teacher, and this year, I am lucky enough to get a chance to become a part-time Primary Science Specialist for grades Kindergarten, First, and Second grades.  This position allows me to come into your student's classroom once a week to teach a science lesson.  The classroom teacher and I co-teach the lesson and we often have support staff as well. When I'm not in the classroom, the co-teacher continues with the lesson using various activities.  All students maintain a science notebook, which, I hope will be a fun way of remembering what they learned in science at Lucy Laney, the greatest school in the district!

A cool thing happened during the summer when I applied for and received a generous grant to purchase lab coats for the students. Yes, can you believe it? The students actually look and act like real scientists!!

The coats are on hangers and I bring them to every class on the day that I teach the particular grade The students enjoy wearing these coats during the lesson, and I believe it makes students act more like scientists during the lessons.  Even the teachers wear lab coats!  I wash them every week to make sure they look good!

The science lessons are based on various age appropriate MN Science Standards, and so far this year, we have been studying the following units:

Kindergarten:  trees, nature, weather, seasons, animals

First grade: organisms, habitats, and structures

Second grade:  insects, solids and liquids

My "office" where I store my materials and plan is E211, in the 2nd grade pod.  

I really, really enjoy being the primary science specialist and welcome any of you to come and see how great the students look and enjoy science!  I hope they are sharing what they learned with you!


Mrs. Jermihov