Daily Schedule


8:25AM   – 8:50AM               Breakfast


8:51AM  – 9:05AM                Morning Meeting


9:06AM   – 9:11AM               Planners- – Record/Share (Small Group)


9:12AM – 9:25AM                 Launch (Whole Group)


9:26AM   – 10:10AM                        Explore (Small Group/Independent)


10:11AM – 10:14AM                        Wrap Up (clean/organize)


10:15AM – 10:30AM                        Closure (Presentation of Knowledge)


10:31AM – 10:35AM                        Transition


10:36AM – 10:41AM                        Planners- – Record/Share (Small Group)


10:42AN – 10:55AM                        Launch (Whole Group)


10:56AM – 11:40AM                        Explore (Small Group/Independent)


11:41AM – 11:44AM                        Wrap Up (clean/organize)


11:45AM – 12:00PM                        Closure (Presentation of Knowledge)


12:01PM – 12:35PM                        LUNCH


12:40PM – 12:45AM                        Planners- – Record/Share (Small Group)


12:46AN – 12:59AM                        Launch (Whole Group)


1:00AM – 1:40PM                             Explore (Small Group/Independent)


1:41AM – 1:44PM                           Wrap Up (clean/organize)


1:45PM – 2:00PM                          Closure (Presentation of Knowledge)


2:05PM--3:00PM                           Specialist


3:05PM--3:10PM                           Dissmissal