Helpful information for our Families

At Lucy Laney we believe a school uniform policy helps promote safety, equality, school pride, good behavior, and the development of community. Furthermore, a school uniform presents a professional image and distinguishes our students while they participate in community learning activities. School administration is given the right and responsibility to interpret the intent of the policy and make immediate decisions as to the appropriateness of specific items in instances where the information is incomplete or unclear.


The school uniform colors are navy blue, white, and khaki

Tops: Tops are polo or oxford style

Shirts are solid white or navy blue, polo or oxford style. All tops must have a collar and sleeves (T-Shirts are not acceptable uniform tops).

No patterns, words, or logos - with the exception of Lucy Laney logos - are allowed on school uniforms.

Bottoms: Bottoms are navy blue or khaki.

Style may be pants, skirts, shorts, or skirts.

Flip flops and house slippers are not allowed for safety reasons.

Thanks to consistent huge donations from long time Laney Community Partner Rev.  Richard Coleman with Hope United Community Development Corporation, we now have a well stocked Uniform Closet. The closet is only designed to help families in need and to provide temporary support for students that are out of uniform. Students arriving to school out of uniform will be asked to change into a uniform from the Uniform Closet upon arrival to school. Their clothing will be secured in the uniform closet until the end of the school day. All clothing borrowed from the Uniform Closet is expected to be returned at the end of each school day. If you have any questions about our Uniform Policy or need help getting uniforms, please contact our Family Liaison at 612-668-2168.

If you are interested in donating new or gently used uniforms to support our Uniform Closet please contact Jalonda Combs, Family Liaison at 612-668-2168, or Ms. DeDe Williams at 612-668-2205.