What's in 10 minutes of daily kindergarten homework? 


Your student will get a homework packet every Monday and it is due the following Friday.  Please make sure you ask your child where it is and a safe place to keep it during the week.

A  list of Sight words will come home for your child to learn with your help.  They are  flashcards, so you may cut them out and go over them.  Some can be sounded out, but your child should automatically say them quickly. 

I also will send home "Take-Home Books" that focus on the phonics skill of the week for the children who need this practice to build fluency.  These readers are for the child to read and reread aloud, building fluency and expression.   They can be kept in a cut-off cereal box or empty ice cream bucket as your child accumulates them this year.      

Reading-   Every night or morning your child should read to you and you should read to them.  Some days it may be 5 mins., others 10. Even when a child cannot read yet, they can talk about what is happeneing on the pages to you.  They can pick out sightwords that they know.  They can tell you thier favorite part of the story.  

Writing- Your student will have writing in thier homework packet. There are too few opportunities for you to sit with your child while he/she writes at this age.  For some parents, this will be an enjoyable time to reflect on your child's growth as a writer.  For others, this may be a much more rigorous experience.  It is okay for you to record what your child says in the beginning of the year and then ease back around midyear, so your child can learn to do the writing with your feedback/encouragement.  

Time Management You'll want to set up a routine for homework, so that the daily 10 mins., over the course of the week, incorporates all of the above parts.  If you find there is too much to do because your child is also busy after school with other commitments, many parents have found that using a morning time of 5 mins. to focus on just one area helps with the balance.  Others consider the weekends to be prime time for the work that can wait.