Laney Family Involvement Plan

                                    Family Involvement Plan 


The purpose of this meeting is to go over expectations for Parent and Family involvement. Also to discuss what the site council should consist of. We determined that we will continue having our Site Council meetings every 1st Monday of the month at 1pm.


Decision Making: Including parents in school decisions and creating leaders.


·      {C}The first Site Counciul meeting, October 3, 2016 at 1pm

In this meeting we will welcome all of our new members to the team (chaun, Verna, kristel, Jalonda and our 16/17 Student Council reps).  We will set the schedile for the rest of the year.  We will also review the Laney Site Council Bylaws

Principal Melander is requesting the Parent liaison, community Liaison, School Administrative Manager, Ms. Lisa Pawelak the Asst. Principal and any staff wishing to participate be present at this meeting. Also requested would be reverend Coleman, community members, parents and our student council reps to be in attendance.


·      {C}Site council will meet every first Monday of the month at 1pm.

·      {C}Parents were given newsletters explaining what it means to be a Title One school and about the multiple parent engagement opportunities here at Lucy Laney.

·      {C}Volunteer sign-up sheets are posted in the atrium and in the front office.

·      {C}Families that have came to previous events have been called and invited to come and volnteer here at the school.

Volunteering: recruiting and organizing parent help and support.

·      {C}Parents are invited to come to the Family Resource Room and speak with the parent liaison about volunteering in their child's classroom.

·      {C}Sign in sheets are posted in the front  of the school as well as in the Family Resource Room.

·      {C}The Family Resource Room is availble for parents to come and use at anytime.  Parent may use the computer to look for jobs or tto log into the parent portal.

Communicating: Designing effective forms of communication to parents about all things involving school.

·      {C}I Greet parents in the morning as they are bringing the students in for school and also as they leave in the afternoon.

·      {C}The parent liaison is used as our main source of communications for parents when they are in the building.  The parent liaison is called to greet parents throughout the day as needed.  She will help with gathering students for parents before dismissal, help with school tours, as well as classroom visits.

·      {C}Families are welcome to come to the school and request a tour during school hours.  They may also feel open to visiting their child's classroom or volunteer at anytime.


·      {C}The parent page on the MPS website is used as a form of updating recent school information and as a form of communication to our families.

·      {C}Follow up phone calls for Avid family night and Academic All-stars ceremonies

Are made individually after the initial phone call from the teachers.

·      {C}Parent emails are being added to school messenger so that we are able to make updates via email and blind copy addresses for confidentiality purposes.

·      {C}Working on updating the parent portal on the Lucy Laney site as another form of communication.

·      {C}Monthly newsletters are sent home with calendars and events for each month so that families are informed of what is going on at school. Information on resources, times and dates of events are all included in this newsletter.

·      {C}Robo calls to families are made before all major events reminding parents of the event, where it will take place and the time of each event.

·      {C}Fliers and memos are printed and sent home with students on all events that are not on the school calendar.

·      {C}Conferences: Our first parent-teacher conferences will be held on Tuesday October 16th and Wednesday October 17th. Conference reminders and time slot sheets will be sent home with students. Also parents will either receive sheets with their time reservation on them or a follow up call to confirm.




Collaborating with the community: Building relationships between the school and student families.

·      {C}August 21, 2012 Home visits: Our first attempt to reach out to parents and families to welcome them were the August home visits. All staff came in to walk around in the community from door to door and welcome families individually. Staff travelled in teams with student addresses and greeted families on their door steps and handed out fliers for our open house. We also updated all contact information for families including email addresses.

·      {C}August 23, 2012 Open house: I greeted families at the door and signed them in with their names, child’s name and recent contact information. I explained the sign off cards that were made in order to get supplies then I directed families to the gymnasium.

-Families volunteered as well as community partners for this event.

·      {C}Parent/Family nights: Parent and family nights will generally be planned on months without major conflicting events. The months aimed for would be Dec., Februaries’ NAAPID, and May. These family nights will consist of a workshop and informational segment educating the families in nutrition, bullying, health/fitness, employment resources etc. The second half of the event will be a family activity such as arts and crafts, a family team bonding experience (sport), cooking etc. and a light snack.


-Community partners and families will generally assist and volunteer for these dates to help serve food, give a presentation on nutrition or other programs available to families and students. We will also pass out handouts.


-PTO will plan most family night events and assist with setting up etc.


·      {C}Nov. Turkey Bingo night: Turkey Bingo is one of our greatest known family engagement nights. It is generally held right before the thanksgiving holiday. Families will be sent fliers home inviting them to this event.

      -PTO will help plan this event along with volunteer for that night.

-All staff is required to work this evening as opportunity to bond with the families as this is one of our biggest family nights of the year.

-Family sign in sheets will be located in the atrium as families check in.

-Family RSVP sheets will be sent home prior to this event asking how many will be attending and if they are attending at all.

-Family volunteers, usually the PTO, will also be asked to serve food, hand out baskets/prizes, set up for the event or stay to clean afterwards.

First Grade monthly ceremonies: first grade will have a ceremony once a month to award students who have followed the schools expectations. This is generally the last Friday of the month.

-Parent table will be set up for sign in

-parents will be greeted and handed a name badge.

-A volunteer sign in sheet will available for the families that attend.

-Order of ceremony sheets will be provided.

-phone calls will be made to assure families will be attending.