Lucy Craft Laney Beacons
Leadership camp 2014
Beacons Leadership Camp 2014


Beacon centers transform schools into active youth centers afterschool and in the summer, providing free high quality youth development opportunities.

About Us:

Approximately 200 students attend Beacons after-school programs at Lucy Laney on average. We provide educational and leadership development, community service, social and life skill development, and creative expression in a safe and positive environment. Lucy Craft Laney Beacons is run by the YWCA Minneapolis in partnership with Minneapolis Community Education.

Activities @ Laney:

Educational Activities with Certified Teachers

  • Leadership Training
  • Service Learning
  • Drawing and Art
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Team Sports, Great Athletes and Soccer

The Code Club at Lucy Laney at Cleveland Park Community School is an after school program hosted with the YWCA Beacons program that aims to grow students’ interest in computer coding through learning about an introductory coding language called “Scratch” developed by MIT. Students are guided through coding projects that produce simple games and audio/visual displays. The students are challenged to problem solve and learn various math, logic, and creative skills as they arrange their code blocks and run the programs they create. This year the Code Club is operated by 5 AmeriCorps volunteers from the Community Technology Empowerment Program under the guidance of Code Savvy. Code Savvy is a non-profit that aims to increase computer science education at the primary and secondary levels in the Twin Cities area. You can learn more about Code SavvyHERE and the AmeriCorps program HERE.


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