Speech and Language Pathology Services

My name is Diana Schloer and I am an Educational Speech and Language Pathologist.

Speech and language services include:

Articulation therapy for students who have difficulty correctly forming some of their speech sounds.

Fluency therapy for students who stutter.

Voice therapy for students who have difficulty with their voice quality.

Language therapy for students whose language understanding or use (putting words together to express an idea) skills are significantly delayed or significantly different from other children their age.

To receive services communicate your concerns to your child's classroom teacher.  The teacher and therapist will then discuss concerns with the grade-level team of teachers to determine if special classroom interventions should be put in place.  If classroom interventions do not result in significant improvement then the teacher will suggest that you meet with the special education team to decide if a formal speech and/or language evaluation is needed.  After the evaluation is completed you will meet with the team again to discuss the evaluation results.  Not all students who are evaluated qualify for services.  If your child does qualify to receive speech / language services the team (which includes you) will design an Individual Education Plan that addresses your child's specific needs.

Each therapy session is unique and is based on an intervention plan specific to your child's speech / language needs.  Parent involvement in therapy helps to encourage carry over of your child's new skills to the home environment.

The easiest way to contact me is through email:  diana.schloer@mpls.k12.mn.us

You can also reach me by telephone: 612-668-2200 (ask for Diana Schloer), however, you may need to leave a message if I am away from my desk or out of the building.