Family+Community=Academic Success

Hello Laney Families, My name is Jalonda Combs, I was born and raised in North Mpls.  I attended schools in North Mpls.  Now, I am the Parent and Community Liaison for Lucy Laney in North Mpls.  I am a AAS Education Major Graduate from MCTC; I believe that achievement and success depends upon the ability of people to problem solve and construct strategies that will formulate appropriate follow through.  This will allow us all to excel and achieve high rates of success. This has been my plan and goal through the process I have followed both throughout my educational career and my many experiences working with the children we serve.  I am currently studying Mathematics Education.  My goal is to use my creative instincts and my passion for math and children to formulate ways to teach math to children that will make learning math more motivating.  I intend to use a fun and exciting approach to learning that will capture their interests.  My hopes are to encourage them to successfully do more mathematics in school and in their daily lives.

I have worked at Lucy Laney for over 7 years and I absolutely love working in the North Minneapolis community.  I first began teaching small group math and reading instruction to grades K, 3rd, and 5th.  I then worked as a behavior data management and transportation specialist, while in this role I also wore many other hats.  During my time here at Lucy Laney I have been able to meet and build relationships with many of our families.  I have learned so much during my time working here as well through many other experiences working with urban students in collaboration with the MPS systems.  I have had many years of education and experiences working closely with knowledgeable educators, allowing me to have gained an awareness and understanding of identifying, monitoring, and effectively evaluating the needs of the students and communities at hand.  I have learned to create and implement appropriate and inclusive strategies that will promote improved student performance and achievement.   I am confident that I will continue exhibit my skills in a manner that will continue to be very beneficial to the academic success at Lucy Laney School, the futures of the children, in which we serve, as well as supporting and encouraging our parents to become more aware of their status and build upon where they are.  My role as Lucy Laney and Community Liaison would grant me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities in a broader manner reaching out  more to the community.  This role will also allow me to exhibit competence in effectively collaborating with Administrators and community personnel to support the achievement of multiple community goals while I help build and maintain positive relationships with our community members.                                                                                                                                                  

I am here for all Parent family and community concerns, questions, Family tours, family engagement activities, and also parent  group meetings. If you are looking to connect and become more involved in your students success I AM HERE FOR YOU!  Reach out, I am available always.  612-668-2168.

Parent Updates

Parents! Please be sure to read your parent handbooks.  A monthly newsletter will also provdie valuable information.  These wil be sent home regularly to provide you with specific information about events and/or updates each month.