A Letter for Our New Families

 Dear Future Lucy Laney Family, 

 We know choosing what school to send your kids to is a big decision. It wasn’t long ago that we were also in your shoes. It’s important to make sure your child will get a good education that will set them on a road to success. What we love about Laney is that our kids are getting a quality education. Not only are they learning about important educational things, they are also learning how to be a good neighbor, and how to think critically in the world.

Laney isn’t just a school; it’s a piece of our community. Parenting is hard work. The proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is very true and Laney can be a part of that village if you let it. It certainly has become that for our families. Teachers and staff are eager to have caregivers come into school to help out or just see what’s going on—a great example of the heart behind Laney.

Below we’ve listed out several annual events at Laney that help bridge the gap between school life and family life. These now have become favorites not only for the kids and staff, but for caregivers as well.

Fall Open House- includes a very fun turkey bingo (winners get a turkey, plus teachers are the bingo callers!)

Family Dance- in the winter or spring depending on weather, everyone comes dressed up

Family Involvement Day- each grade level has a day where caregivers come spend the morning in the classroom and then meet with the Principal to discuss what the kids are learning and to answer any questions

End of the Year Carnival- we take over the Laney field and have tons of family games, food, and laughs

Again, we know this is a big decision and we are here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Good luck and we hope to see you soon,

 Lucy Laney Parent Group



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