High Five at Lucy Laney!

Welcome to high five at Lucy Laney, we are excited you are joining our school family! At our school, we have two full day sessions; Distance learning will occur 8:40-3:00 Monday-Friday. In high five, we like to create a positive school experience that promotes independence and a love for school and learning.  Throughout the day, your student will engage in a variety live and pre-recorded lessons that include both academic and social skills.  A few of the things we will focus on learning in literacy include:

  • identification of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • letter sounds
  • writing our full name
  • rhyming words
  • alliteration

In math we will focus on:

  • identifying numbers 0-10
  • counting to 31 and higher
  • sorting
  • identifying and making patterns
  • one more and one less

In the area of social-emotional development we will focus on:

  • building independence
  • managing our emotions
  • problem-solving skills

Our motto in high five is, "We work hard to play hard!"  If you have any qusetions for us at any time, please feel free to reach out.