High 5

Welcome to high five at Lucy Laney, we are excited you are joining our school family! At our school, we have two full day sessions; School times are 8:25-3:05. In high five, we like to create a positive school experience that promotes independence and a love for school and learning.  Throuhgout the day, your student will engage in a variety of rich learning opportunities that include both adademic and social skills.  A few of the things we will focus on learning in literacy include identification of uppercase and lowercase letters, letter sounds, writing our full name, and learning about words that rhyme and start the same (alliteration).  In math, we will focus on identifying numbers 0-10, counting to 31 and higher, sorting, identifying and making patterns, and more!  Social skills are also an important part of our learning in high five; we continuously work on how to manage our emotions, how we treat others, and how to fix problems that may arise.   Our motto in high five is, "We work hard to play hard!"  If you have any qusetions for us at any time, please feel free to reach out.