Meet Our Principal
Principal Pawelak with her family

It is no accident that I am the Principal at Lucy Craft Laney Community School.  I know that I was brought here and put here for a reason.  And I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to lead and learn where I have been placed.

My name is Lisa Marie Pawelak.  I am from Illinois and came to Minnesota to attend college here.  I began my work in the Minneapolis Public Schools as an Educational Support Professional.  I then moved into being a School Social Worker.  From there, an Assistant Principal, and now Principal.

I have made North Minneapolis my home.  My husband and I are raising our two daughters here.  They both attended Lucy Laney from Hi-5 through 5th grade and now attend our neighborhood pathway schools, Franklin Middle School and North Community High School. 

Compassion is regarded by many as one of the highest virtues in life. True compassion motivates people to action. After years of service in public education, I am deeply motivated by compassion. Striving for equitable educational standards for all students is rooted in a compassion that cultivates opportunity. Real opportunity dismantles the constructs that create achievement gaps.

An authentic culture of learning requires vulnerability, dedication and trust. I desire to promote a culture of learning where staff, students and families enter into a genuine exchange of compassion for one another. In so doing, we will celebrate both our challenges and our successes together. Real relationships give way to the better half of compassion; celebrating life together, good and bad.

As I bring this element of compassion to my work, I also bring the element of fun and joy.  I love planning field trips, special events and creative school activities. I am proud of the trips, retreats and unique opportunities (like the Laney Family Fun Run, sleep-away camps, and theatre performances) that have happened here at Laney.  If anyone has any good ideas for more trips, events or activities - please let me know!