Useful links for students and families:

Study Island is one of the resources that children use to prepare for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA II).

Pearson Learning Locator is an online learning activity designed to enrich and improve knowledge and skills.  Students can click on the Student Resources tab to take practice quizes.

Starfall is a free site for early language development.  A good place to study letters, beginning word combinations, and short books.

African American Registry is a comprehensive site for African American Culture and History.

Funbrain is a children's website that has reading games, math games, and few books.

Bookadventure has games and books for reading.  Parents and children can log in, teams can be made for play.

Spellingcity is a fun spelling site for older students.

Hennepin County Library Information for Parents

Guys Read

PBS Parents Literacy Tips 

Scholastic Parents - Books and Reading

Kid Safe Browsers: