Learning Websites


DreamBox and WootMath

Students can access their DreamBox and WootMath accounts through the following website: https://clever.com/

From there the students will click on the Login as student and search for Lucy Laney School.

The students can then access DreamBox and otther learning resources once they login with their username and password. 



This year I will be using Read LIVE with students with reading needs. The Read LIVE program is a part of the Read Naturally curriculum. This program supports students in improving their reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development. The 3rd grade students will be accessing Read LIVE multiple times a week through school iPads or Chromebooks.

Read LIVE website:


Ms. Grimm's Read LIVE access:


Students can access their accounts from a computer or tablet with a login username and password. The students will receive their individual usernames and passwords at school.


Epic! Reading

I've used Epic! as a reading resource for the last 7 years and all of the students I've worked with have loved it! It is know as the "Netflix for Books", because it gives students access to books that they are interested in, suggests books based on what they've alread read, and has a huge library to browse all kinds of books. 

To login at home, students can either access it through the website https://www.getepic.com/sign-in/educator OR they can access it through the Epic! app on an iPad or tablet. Students will need my class code YDW9737 and then they will have access to their individual accounts. 

Students can have books read to them if needed. There are also education videos and audio books available.